Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

What is a lumbar fusion? 

Lumbar fusion broadly refers to various spinal surgery techniques that connect two or more vertebrae in the lumbar spine (lower back). In general, fusion surgery (also known as arthrodesis) is designed to cause two or more bones to grow together into one, single bone.

The goal of a lumbar fusion is to stop the pain at a painful motion segment in the lower back. Most commonly, this type of surgery is performed for pain and disability caused by lumbar degenerative disc disease or a spondylolisthesis.

Why it’s done

Spinal fusion connects two or more bones in the spine to make it more stable, correct a problem or reduce pain. Spinal fusion can be used to:

Reshape the spine

Spinal fusion can help correct problems with the way the spine is formed. An example is when the spine curves sideways, also known as scoliosis.

Spinal weakness or instability

Too much motion between two spinal bones can make the spine unstable. This is a common side effect of severe arthritis in the spine. Spinal fusion can make the spine more stable.

Damaged disk

Spinal fusion might be used to stabilize the spine after a damaged disk is removed.

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